About Us


A web page represents a personality, whether of a company or an individual. Knowing this, we at Glass Pen take care to match the design of every site to the image the client wishes to establish.

A commercial page also needs to inform the customer of the services a company can offer, and to incline the customer to purchase those services from that particular company. To this end, Glass Pen layouts are made to be intuitive, readable, simple to navigate, and welcoming even to those customers who are not deeply familiar with the internet or web surfing.

On the other side of the coin, Glass Pen recognizes that our own clients will want their web pages to be straightforward and easy to edit and update. This is why every layout comes with one or more templates--pages on which the formatting of background, menus, logos, etc. are already done, ready for content to be added to make a new page for the site. We can also provide simple and secure interfaces for the client's use, so that adding a new news item, or new order, or new press release is as easy as filling in a form and hitting enter.

Glass Pen is also happy to advise clients on the usefulness of various page elements for different client needs and provide a limited amount of support after startup.