Presentation is vitally important on the web, where first impressions can mean the difference between making and not making a contact, a sale, a connection. A person or company's website must be tailored to their individual needs. Glass Pen can work closely with you to achieve exactly the effect you want, whether that is fun and casual or smooth and professional.


The portfolio section contains screenshots of sites that Glass Pen has developed. Click on the thumbnails and links to see the full size images.



Glass Pen Sites

S.J. Tucker
Abstract dark blue background with the artist's name in white at the upper left with a vine decoration and the latest album art on the upper right; content is dark text in a light box with curved corners and consists of the artist's promotional description and latest blog entry; navigation in in a series of curved and decorated white bars extending from the right of the content area This is a site for the independent musician S.J. Tucker. She needed to update and consolidate several websites from earlier in her career, and create one location to hold her blog, her appearances calendar, and some fairly extensive merchandise. She also needed to be able to control and update all this information herself, have blog entries and apperances mirrored to her Facebook account, and be able to easily change the album image and background color of the site to reflect her latest releases. Glass Pen did the research, programming, and migration to set all of this up, and she now has full control of her site and its presentation. (visit site)
The home page of Climax Research parent company, Element, in clean blues on whiteClimax, a subsidiary of Element now called Element-Wixom, needed a way to keep track of and respond swiftly to metallurgical samples sent to them for analysis. Glass Pen generated a straightforward client account form and sign-in for them so that a client can select the desired type of analysis and know that their sample will be handled properly. (visit site)
Greene Lady Music
An ivy background with the content centered and framed with wood-like borders; content is light text on a dark green background and consists of an album with artwork, song list, and links to listen to samples; navigation is in a darker green box on the left This is a site for an independent musician who wished to be able to update her content herself, especially concert appeareances, and to sell CDs from her site. The design had to promintently feature the artist's signiture motifs of greenery and knotwork, as well as shots of the artist herself which form a large part of her branding. (visit site)
Wittenberg Credit Union
Clean white page with elegant tan double bars under the credit union's name at the top and a dark blue sidebar on the left containing the menu; highlighted content is in round-cornered boxes of the same tan as the banner bars The credit union needed a complete overhaul of its old site, which was severely out of date and starting to break in new browsers. The new layout reorganized the site content and reformatted all of it into standards-compliant pages and navigation. (site merged into a larger credit union's)
Challenging Casanova
Simple white content box on a black background to draw attention to the red and yellow book cover in the upper left corner with the menu under it; links in the content box are in red and yellow to harmonize with the cover This is a site promoting a scholarly book on sexual identity and expectations of young men. It needed to harmonize with the cover design the publisher had chosen and showcase both the author and the basic content outline. (visit site)
Celia Online
Open layout on a white background with a medium red banner at the top with a teal border at the bottom containing the artist's name and a collage of her stage personas; navigation is in a matching red box to the right of the page, which contains the artist's latest album and upcoming concert schedule This is a site for an independent musician, Celia Farran, and serves as her online outlet for distribution and appearances. Visitors needed to be able to sample and purchase her music, and view an interactive calendar of her apperances. (visit site)
Clean layout in shades of tan and white with a light banner across the top, a darker bar under it to contain frequently used links, and a light sidebar down the left side to hold the extensive site menu InsaneJournal is a blogging and social networking site undergoing fast growth. It needed more scaleable and transparent navigation than the previous site layout, and a look that could appeal to diverse users. A more dramatically colored layout was also made. Both the neutral and the orange variations were designed for both sidebar and dropdown navigation. (visit site)
Cattail Music
Minimalist black-on-white page with a banner containing cattails on the right side and black borders top and bottom; the content area has similar black borders to the sides Cattail Music is a small, home-based studio that wanted a simple, attractive site to stream a selection of music samples from. (site allowed by owner to lapse)


Ebook Covers


Glass Pen also offers cover-design for ebooks. Cover art may be drawn from public domain images, from limited-license stock images, or be supplied by the customer. A few samples are below; click on the thumnails to see larger versions.


Glass Pen Blog Themes


Glass Pen can also design custom themes for blogs, or blog-based sites. These are some of the themes Glass Pen has designed for WordPress, LiveJournal, and Dreamwidth blogs.


WordPress Theme Gallery


LiveJournal Theme Gallery


Dreamwidth Theme Gallery